Tips for Saving Gas Money

It seems like the cost of gas is rising every other week. Prices at the pump are getting more expensive but there are ways in which you can save money on fuel. There are a few ways in which you can reduce the total cost of fuel and stay conservative at the same time. You should never keep the motor running when your car is parked. The fuel tank slowly gets depleted every couple of minutes this way. Make sure you turn the engine off when you’re waiting for someone. It’s essential to turn the ignition key off once the vehicle is in park mode.

Fuel is also burned when you leave the AC going. You might not even need to keep the air conditioner running if there are winds on a nice summer day. The solution is quite simple, keep the windows rolled down throughout your journey. You can keep the AC on if the temperature is unbearable or for short bursts. In other words, keep the AC on for several miles of a long distance trip and alternate that with open windows. Air conditioners can also make people sick, especially smaller children or the elderly. It’s always best to play things on the safe side and just rotate between the two options. Your fuel tank will also thank you!

Getting an oil change is crucial to keeping a vehicle properly well maintained. You also need a good brand of motor oil to ensure that all components are moving as smoothly as possible under the hood. Let a professional mechanic inspect the vehicle on a regular basis to check for damages that might need to be repaired. Many people neglect to change the oil until they start experiencing engine troubles. A reputable auto body garage will send you a reminder by telephone, so you never miss a scheduled oil change. You’ll also get the most out of your mileage with newly added oil.

ACS Services Can Help

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