Male & Female Driving Statistics

There’s an age-old question that goes like this: who are safer drivers, men or women? ACS Services certainly doesn’t have the answer to that question – in fact we’d go so far as to say it depends on the person in question – but that hasn’t stopped us taking a look at some of the facts.

Read on to observe some trends relating to male and female driving statistics.

There are more female drivers in the USA than male drivers

According to research conducted by the University of Michigan in 2012, there are more female drivers in the United States of America than there are male drivers. According to the research, 50.3 percent of U.S. drivers today are female, compared to 49.7 percent male. The trend is expected to follow in other countries. Despite there being more female drivers on the road, male drivers still account for more miles and journeys that female drivers.

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Male drivers are more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle crash

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the male gender made up 71 percent of motor vehicle crash deaths in 2013, compared to 29 percent female. 23,127 males died as a result of a car crash in 2013 compared to 9,579 females. Does this statistic suggest that females drive more carefully than males? Well, hardly, since it doesn’t indicate who was at fault for the fatalities. Interestingly though, over the last 40 years the number of fatalities involving males has declined while the number of fatalities involving females has increased.

Fortunately, the number of fatalities in general has been on the decline over the last decade. And that’s always a good thing.

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Female drivers are less likely to be written up for a violation

According to the IIHS, female drivers are less likely to violate the laws of the road than their male counterparts. Findings show that the ratio for drivers being written up for reckless driving was 3.41 to 1 in favor of males. That means males are roughly three times more likely to be caught driving recklessly. Likewise, the ratio for drivers caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol was 3.09 to 1 in favor of males.

When it comes to lesser violations, the gap between the sexes lessens. The ratio for stop sign / signal violations is just 1.53 to 1 in favor of males. It appears nobody wants to stop for that red light.

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ACS Services may not know which gender is better behind the wheel but there is one thing we know for sure: driving can be dangerous, regardless of your sex. Accidents happen. Some are caused by driver error. Some are the result from the stupidity of other drivers. There are even those caused by a fluke of nature. Whether you’re male or female, ACS Services and a network of independent tow truck operators provide premium towing solutions throughout Oakland, California. If you’re involved in an accident, let us be there with a helping hand. For dependable, professional, and affordable towing solutions in Northern California, contact us on: (510) 279-0271