Golden Rules when Hiring a Towing Company

You never prepare yourself in advance for how to hire a good towing company. It usually doesn’t cross you mind, and when the time suddenly comes when a towing company is necessary people tend to react out of frustration and helplessness, not necessarily taking into consideration everything that needs to be considered and not necessarily making the right decision. This, sadly, usually results in wasted money and unwanted heartache.

This is why we took the time of providing Oakland drivers with a list of ACS Services’ Golden Rules for hiring a towing company.

Some Questions First

Right before you press that dial button you need to ask yourself (and later the towing company’s representative) the following questions, in order to choose the best towing company as an answer:

  • Is the towing company locally owned?
  • Is the company certified and bonded?
  • How long will you have to wait for the towing technician?
  • Does the technician come fully equipped?
  • How much does the service cost?
  • What does the service include?

And Now – the Golden Rules for Hiring a Towing Company

  • Make sure the company is locally owned. That way you can be sure its technicians are familiar with the area, and can also get to you faster than other service providers.
  • Make sure that you call a certified towing company. There are many untrained and unprofessional technicians that would perform a poor job, making you pay a large sum of money for insufficient results.
  • Make sure the towing company knows how to handle your kind of vehicle and that the technician comes fully equipped to the scene of events. You wouldn’t want to find out they’re missing tools after waiting for some time.
  • Be sure to compare between several companies regarding the price. Some can provide you with a wider and more comprehensive service that would eventually save you money, even if the cost seems steeper than others.

Take it With You

Save this list on your smartphone or print it out and keep it in the glove compartment. It will do only good. This way you are set to drive the road with fewer worries on your mind. We have already set the ground rules for you, all you need to do is follow them and you are good to go.

 Remember, implementing these rules is a quick but important thing to think about before you make the call to the towing company. “Think before you act” is always a helpful advice.