Five Famous On-Screen Vehicles that Everybody Should Know

When the word 'famous' is uttered you automatically think of celebrities. But, if we will mention five specific names, most people would automatically think about those famous five – Hollywood's most memorable and epic cars that have become nothing less than cultural icons.

Only speaking the names of the majestic five can take you to a nice walk down memory lane. This is quite the all star team that has shaped our young minds as we grew up on this wonderful culture, giving a still object a vibrant personality, just like a movie star.

And the Winners Are

The Delorean


Great Scott! The car shaped time travelling machine is a personal favourite of mine, as I used to watch Doc. Brown and Marty McFly jump 'Back to the Future', time and time again, using the Delorean to cruise through the years any which way they liked.

General Lee, or the General


We all knew when they were coming, the feisty 'Dukes of Hazard', riding that bright orange Dodge proudly showing off the number '01' for everyone to recognize. The jolly Seventies were written all over that car, making it an undying symbol of playful mayhem.

Mystery Machine


No, it's not a hallucination, it really is a detective dog solving mysterious crimes out of a cartoon Sixties Volkswagen. I'm sure Scooby Doo and his team of young hippies owe a great deal to that iconic van.



That heightened up extreme Pontiac Grand M was no other than Knight Rider's little helper, as its add-ons and special super power design made it the number 1 partner in the war against crime. When it roared, bad people got the shakes.

The Love Bug


We aren’t talking about insects, of course, but rather about that friendly and loveable Volkswagen beetle that was called Herbie, the Love Bug. Corny as it may seem to modern viewers, back in the day there was really no one who could resist that cutie.

Nostalgia Roars!

So there you have it, the five ladies and gentlemen (or gentle-cars for that matter) that changed the cinema world forever, and made it clear once again that the special bond between people and their car, is a lot more than just a way of transportation. Sometimes, it even saves the world. So remember to take good care of your car, it might just save the day…