Driving Safely Tips for Oakland Residents

There are many preventable accidents that happen each and every year in the Oakland area. From falling asleep, to speeding, to falling asleep at the wheel, there are all kinds of reasons these accidents occur. All of them are easily prevented.

In this posting, we’ll discuss driving safely tips that are practical and relevant to residents throughout the Oakland area. The very first tip, one that every person that has a license should remember, is to obey traffic signs and lights.

  • Traffic Signs:

How many times have you been driving along and you totally ignored traffic signs, such as when you’re going through a neighborhood and there’s a sign that says there are kids playing so you need to drive slowly? How many times have you ignored a sign like that and just continued driving at a normal speed? Ignoring traffic signs is a major cause of accidents, and anyone that wants to drive safely would do well to pay attention and obey. Traffic signs are there for the protection of drivers and pedestrians.

  • Refusing to Drink and Drive

When it comes to driving safely tips, refusing to drink and drive is a very wise thing to do. This should be self evident. The fact is, in the United States, more than 30 percent of car accidents that end in someone’s death are due to someone else driving while intoxicated. Ensuring that you have a designated driver or calling a cab can save your life, or someone else’s life if you’ve been drinking alcohol.

  • Speeding

There is absolutely no reason that you must speed, unless it’s an emergency. You should always remember that speeding can cause you to get into an accident because your control of your vehicle is severely limited when braking at high speeds. There are many instances when lowering your speed is a wise decision. These times include any moment when there are adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or ice.

  • Use Your Seat Belt

This should also go without saying, but no list of driving safely tips would be complete without it. The truth is, a seat belt can save your life, as well as the lives of your loved ones. Almost everyone that’s ever been killed in a car wreck failed to put on a seat belt! That’s a sobering thought. Another reason is financial. You can get a serious ticket from the police if you don’t buckle up!

The bottom line is that driving safely is, in large part, a matter of common sense and obeying the law. Residents of Oakland will do just fine if they exercise prudence, caution, and simply obey the law.